Epic says Unreal Engine 5 “will be awesome” on both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney was full of praise for the hardware in the PlayStation 5 for the company’s reveal of their next-gen Unreal Engine 5, showing off advanced features that take advantage of the console’s ultra-fast SSD storage. However, if there was any sneaking suspicion that Epic chose to demo their tech on Sony’s upcoming console, Sweeney has now put that to rest, saying that both consoles will support Nanite and Lumen technologies.

Nanite and Lumen were the two big technical steps forward in the showstopping demo of Unreal Engine 5 revealed last week. Lumen is a smart global illumination technique that can take bright light sources like the sun and calculate the way that lighting bounces and reflects to illuminate an area, making for an intriguing alternative to the much-hyped hardware ray tracing.

However it was Nanite that had people wondering if there was any particular reason for Epic choosing to show UE5 on PS5. Using the speed of the PlayStation 5’s SSD, Nanite allows the game engine to address full detail geometry and assets without the need for lower level of detail models, streaming in cinema quality assets in real time. The PlayStation 5’s SSD is specced to be around twice as fast as that of the Xbox Series X, and so it’s understandable to wonder if Nanite would require something as fast as will be found in the PS5.

That won’t be the case though, which is blindingly obvious if you consider that Epic’s entire game engine business is based off cross platform support and interoperability. Game developers will be able to target PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC with Nanite, it just might be slightly easier to push those high detailed assets with the PS5 than XSX. Additionally, there are features built in to scale content down so that it runs on current gen platforms with traditional techniques.

Unreal Engine 5 isn’t just for next-gen consoles, but will support PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and PC.

So now, there’s no “secret deal” between Sony and Epic.

Source: Tim Sweeney

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  1. So, just like it’ll run on some cheap mobiles, it’ll also run on XSX, although it’s only half as fast as the PS5… ;-)

    I think it was quite a coup by Sony that the demo was running on a PS5, as the mainstream media went all ‘Wow, first PS5 gameplay, and it’ s incredible..!’

    Sony : Microsoft – 1:0

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