World War Z update 1.17 rolls out game fixes

Developer Saber Interactive have rolled out their newest title update for popular co-op survival game, World War Z.

Patch 1.17 is available across all platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While not a major update, it addresses some issues the player community have recently reported. You can read the full patch notes further down.

Having celebrated its first anniversary, a Game of the Year edition of World War Z was released earlier this month. It packs in all the free updates and season pass DLC, along with the new Marseille episode. It was also confirmed that World War Z will be coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point in the future.

World War Z update 1.17 patch notes

• Fixed critical memory leak that was causing a lot of crashes on Marseille maps. It is a temporary fix and more fixes are coming
• Fixed black render artifacts appearing on dark levels

• Fixed some gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels

General Fixes
• Fixed issue that made several unique weapon variants free for everyone
• Imposing Arsenal trophy no longer requires unique weapon variants to be purchased
• Restored unique Thumper GL variant price back to 500
• Fixed issue with Auto Turret placement that was launching players up in the air
• Improved performance in the last segment of Marseille maps 2 and 3

Despite the whole “4 player co-op against zombies” thing being fairly old hat now many years after Left 4 Dead’s release, World War Z has been a huge hit for Saber Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive. Since its launch last April it has continued to expand via free updates and paid DLC.

In our review Nicole hailed World War Z as a brilliant co-op romp to enjoy with friends, highlighting its intuitive horde AI:

It’s safe to say that World War Z doesn’t shy away from its undeniable likeness to Valve’s 10 year old masterpiece. In borrowing many of that game’s ideas, from its AI engine to the uncannily similar special zombies, it’s actually become a spiritual successor that can scratch that Left 4 Dead itch. World War Z might lack in originality, but this isn’t enough to deter from the brainless, fast-paced, cooperative shooter action that you can effortlessly sink hours into and unknowingly get a real soft spot for.

Source: Focus Home Interactive Forums

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