Kingdom Hearts TV series may be in development for Disney+

There is currently some rumour and speculation that Disney has commissioned a Kingdom Hearts show for its Disney+ subscription service. The original source of this speculation comes from Emre Kaya of The Cinema Spot who stated they had been sitting on this story for a while, but decided to Tweet it out because more and more insiders knew about the project. According to Emre, this show will be a CG show instead of live action and Disney is apparently in the midst of casting the actors. It is not yet clear whether Haley Joel Osment would reprise his role of Sora, though in previous interviews he has stated he would want to play the character for as long as possible. Apparently, those who played the Disney characters in the game will be reprising roles but that is also to be confirmed.


Of course, this is all speculation and Disney has not announced anything. It is not out of the realm of possibility however as studios look to create shows with established followings. For example, The Witcher show may have been based on the books but it would likely not have been as popular or even commissioned had the games not grown the franchise’s following. If Disney and Square Enix are partnering up for this then an announcement may come later this year once casting is confirmed.

If you are yet to play Kingdom Hearts III you can see what Jim thought in his review.

Kingdom Hearts III doesn’t go in the direction some RPG fans will no doubt have been hoping for. It’s unashamedly over the top in just about every way, from its barmy story and stunning presentation to its huge cinematic battles. There’s plenty of depth here too, though you’ll need to find your bearings first.
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