Tetris Effect’s soundtrack is now available to stream

Fancy something a bit different to listen to? Did you play Tetris Effect and really dig the soundtrack? Fancy listening to it again without having to fire up the game? Well, now you can as Tetris Effect’s soundtrack is now available to stream through Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. Composer Hydelic has taken to the PlayStation Blog to speak about how the Tetris Effect soundtrack came about. In the blog post he writes:

When I was first briefed on the project, the concept was very clear: Mizuguchi-san (our producer) and Ishihara-san (our director and art director) expressed the idea of taking you on a journey through your mind, consciousness, and emotions. “This is like zen Tetris,” they said. From there, I set the theme for the sound and music as elements that enhance your immersive experience or soothe, calm, and make you relax. Mizuguchi-san also emphasized “timelessness” — sounds and compositions that are not “on-trend,” but can be appreciated for many years to come. 


In our review for Tetris Effect, Dom wrote:

It’s impossible to talk about Tetris Effect without focussing on the soundtrack, and it’s as joyous, exciting, foot-tapping, relaxing, punishing, challenging and nerve-rattling as you could possibly hope. From chilled out ambient electronica, through discordant lounge jazz to uplifting trance, there’s not a dud amongst the lot. Mizuguchi’s loyal Lumines followers are likely to fall completely in love with the interactive album he’s put together.

At times spiritual, transcendental and zen-like, at others excruciating, heart-poundingly tense and eye-wateringly immersive, Tetris Effect is game of the year material and essential on PlayStation VR.

You can read the full review here.

Source: PS Blog

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