PHOGS! has been delayed until later this year, demo coming to Steam next week

Coatsink and Bit Loom Studios have confirmed that they will be delaying the release of the physics based platform puzzler PHOGS!. The game was meant to be released this month but the impact of COVID-19 has meant the studio needs more time to complete the game. A new date is yet to be confirmed but it is still expected this year, with a release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. However, if you have been looking forward to playing the game there will be a demo available through Steam from June 9th. That demo is the same one that players could check out at PAX East from earlier this year.


In PHOGS! players control a dog like creature that has a face and legs at both ends of its body, a bit like CatDog, and these two characters have their own personalities. One side is called Red while the other side is called Blue. Players will have to navigate Red & Blue around various areas while taking into account the body shape. Things may start off simple but things may get a little tricky further on in the game. In 2018, Kris had some hands on time with PHOGS! and wrote:

It’s probably fair to say that on first glance, Phogs probably won’t appeal to everyone. While physics puzzle titles have come back into vogue over the last decade, ever since the release of the first Portal title, a couch co-op physics puzzler with a cute aesthetic certainly feels like it’s different from most of what’s out there right now. However, Phogs really is worth your time, whoever you are. It combines physics puzzle and 3D platforming elements well, and it’s co-op elements are so genuinely refreshing that it’ll bring a smile to almost everyone’s face.

You can read the full PHOGS! preview here.

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