This is what the PlayStation 5 looks like – regular and digital editions revealed

Sony have revealed the design of the PlayStation 5, and it’s curvaceous and sleek as anything. In fact, it’s not just one design, but two, with a version of the console that features an Ultra HD disc drive, and a Digital Edition one that goes disc free.



If you didn’t like the dual tone DualSense controller, then you likely won’t be enthralled by the new design of the PlayStation 5 itself, which sandwiches a black central segment with white plastic. This helps to disguise the large number of vents that are tucked underneath allow for the console to draw enough air to consistently cool itself.

Another thing that seems clear is that it’s intended to stand upright, with a large round base allowing it to do so. The curved white casing doesn’t look to be particularly designed with a horizontal orientation in mind, though I’m expect that will be possible… probably.

Update: here’s the PlayStation 5 lying on its side. The disc drive slot it at the bottom of the console. Also, while you cannot see it in this shot, the black disc stand used to support the console’s vertical orientation is also required to support the console horizontally.

The hardware makes a few jumps forward with connectivity, with both a USB-A and USB-C port visible on the front of the device. Below that are a power button, but the console with a disc drive also has a second button presumably for ejecting those discs.

The console will also come alongside a bunch of new white and black accessories. The DualSense, as we are already familiar with, will be joined by a new DualSense charging station, a Pulse 3D wireless headset, remote control for media playback, and a cute little camera.

Though they’ve now shown off the console, Sony have kept mum about the specifics of the system’s release. They’re still planning for a date later this year, but haven’t given us any clues beyond that. Similarly, they’re still keeping quiet about the price of the console, as Sony and Microsoft play chicken to see who will go first. However, with two SKUs available, Sony could potentially try to undercut with the digital edition, or offer a benefit to going digital in the form of increased SSD capacity.

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  1. I like how the vents are similar to the dev kit.

  2. Should have opened with this, then shown the games imo.

  3. Wow, wasn’t expecting anything like that but I love it, makes the XSX look a bit boring.

  4. Looks very sleek! Curious to know how much a disc drive costs these days?
    Overall I thought it was a good show; a decent mix of trailers with a sprinkling of gameplay, but there was nothing that grabbed me to make it a ‘day 1’ purchase – especially as a lot of stuff seemed to be ‘coming 2021’.

  5. Very nice! And I think if Horizon 2 is a launch title I’ll be preordering.
    But, as Bruce Wayne once said, does it come in black?

  6. Well that’s bloody ugly.

  7. Looks great. Now just need to work out how to fit it into my AV rack…

  8. Love it, the design looks fantastic, day one, just for the return of Trial Mountain alone, let alone Horizon 2.

    • It didn’t give a date, so I’m guessing it’s not a launch title. If it is though it could tempt me to pre order.

      • I’m not that fussed about launch titles, just to know things are coming. Trial Mountain on GT is my favourite, even though the last 2 corners have been adjusted.
        If the backwards comatability claims are to be believed, a lack of games wont be an issue, if not, I’m sure it’ll look lovely sat on the PS4 like the PS3 does now.
        Personally, I can’t wait.

  9. I quite like the look of it. I’m sure it can lie down flat though. I hope. Otherwise, the standard one looks a bit odd with the big bulge.

    Really wasn’t expecting 2 versions. I guess with all those PS4 discs, I’ll need the full version. With it’s weird bulge. Shouldn’t be more than £50 or so difference, should there? MS are going to be in a massive panic now, aren’t they?

    And then a new camera? Hopefully for a PSVR2 later on?

    All we need now is the price.

  10. I do prefer less extravagant designs, but i don’t dislike it

    Also it was shown horizontal in the stream apparently (I missed that bit myself)

    • Oddly enough, I just saw someone mentioning that. And also missed it. Good news then.

      It does clearly look like the black bit at the bottom is just a bit of plastic you stick it in so it stands up. Probably charge extra for that too.

      • The black plastic at the bottom is a support, yes. You’ll want it to stand the console up vertically, but it also seems to be a stand for the console when it’s horizontal. The disc is taller on one side for the disc-based console to keep it level.

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