Darius Cozmic Collection shoots onto PS4 and Switch this month, twice!

Darius games are apparently like buses. You wait for years and then two come along at once. Well, in this case 16 come along. Two Darius collections are flying in to a PS4 or Nintendo Switch near you, with Darius Cozmic Collection Console and Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade set to release on June 16th 2020.


Darius was one of the TAITO corporations premier franchises, a legend amongst shoot ’em up fans, and when the original game appeared in 1986 it wowed arcade gamers around the world with incredible visuals, awesome sound, and a dedicated dual-screen cabinet. The ports to modern consoles have been handled by the retro experts at M2 in Japan, ensuring that they’re console, or arcade-perfect renditions of these classic games, and each of the editions boasts a wealth of Darius history.

Darius Cozmic Collection Console boasts 9 Darius games, spanning the 8 and 16-bit era, and they are

· Darius II (Mega Drive, JP version)
· SAGAIA (Genesis, US version)
· SAGAIA (Master System, EU version)
· Darius Twin (Super Famicom, JP version)
· Darius Twin (Super NES, US version)
· Darius Force (Super Famicom, JP version)
· Super Nova (Super NES, US version)
· Darius Alpha (PC Engine, JP version)
· Darius Plus (PC Engine, JP version)

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade meanwhile hosts 4 Darius games, including multiple versions of the original release taking it to 7 in total,

· Darius (Arcade, original version)
· Darius (Arcade, new version)
· Darius (Arcade, extra version)
· Darius II (Arcade, Dual Screen version)
· SAGAIA (Arcade, ver.1)
· SAGAIA (Arcade, ver.2)
· Darius Gaiden (Arcade)

Both titles are digital exclusives, and will be available from the PSN Store and Nintendo eShop, with the Console collection setting you back 54.99€ / 44.99 GBP / 59.99 USD, while the Arcade edition comes in at 39.99€ / 34,99 GBP/ 44,99 USD. That might seem a little high, but you’re getting the chance to fly the iconic Silver Hawk again through a whole host of incredible levels, coming from one of the best retro port teams in the world. If SHMUPS are your thing, it looks like you’ll be in for a treat!

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