Ruiner will be released on Switch next week

Devolver Digital has announced that it will be releasing the twin stick shooter Ruiner on Switch, and the release date is June 18th. Ruiner was originally released for PS4, PC, and Xbox One back in 2017 so it has taken a little while to be ported over to Nintendo’s platform. A new trailer was released to confirm Ruiner’s release date.


Ruiner’s description reads:

RUINER is a brutal action shooter set in the year 2091 in the cyber metropolis Rengkok. A wired psychopath lashes out against a corrupt system to uncover the truth and retrieve his kidnapped brother under the guidance of a secretive hacker friend. Combine preternatural reflexes, augmented tools, and the arsenal of fallen foes to tear down and dismantle the corporate titans of virtuality dealers at HEAVEN.

In our review for Ruiner, Dave wrote:

Ruiner has some great set pieces and a dark, bleak world that I would normally gravitate towards. Yet when the dystopian renders everyone inhabiting it to be as relatable as raw sewage, there was little for me to latch onto. Maybe you’ll find the world of Ruiner to be more bearable than I did, but even the best films of the genre have a glimmer of hope for the audience to cling to, something Ruiner is devoid of.

You can read the full Ruiner review here.

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