News Snatch: Bioshock, Racing Apex, God’s Trigger, And Release Date Round-Up

Hello there, welcome to the unusual Thursday Friday round up of news which is packed to the rafters with odds and sods from Gamescom, starting with a teaser for a sequel, Attack on Titan 2 is a thing!

It’s the 10th anniversary of Bioshock, and to celebrate we have a documentary which goes in to great detail explaining the first level of the game.

As you might have noticed there are lot of games around so here’s an update on some release dates which were announced this week. Dates are for UK unless stated otherwise.

  • Still Time  – 29th August (PS4, PS Vita)
  • Ruiner – September 26th (XB1, PS4, PC)
  • Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2 – 26th September (XB1, PS4, PC)
  • Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 & 2 – 26th September (iOS, Android)
  • Bomber Crew – 19th October (PC)
  • Let’s Sing 2018 – October 22nd (PS4, Wii – no that’s not a typo!)
  • .hack//G.U. Last Recode – November 2nd (PS4)
  • The Crew 2 – March 16th 2018  (XB1, PS4, PC)

Set in 1983 during the Cold War, Phantom Doctrine is an alternate history thriller in which players lead The Cabal, a secret organisation dedicated to fighting a global conspiracy committed to controlling the world by pitting world leaders against one another. It’s coming to PC and consoles next year and here is a live action trailer, WARNING: Contains lots of blood!

The actual game is an isometric affair, you can see a screenshot below.

Ordering three pizzas, garlic bread, and a drink from Domino’s in Australia and New Zealand will get you Final Fantasy FFXI plus both the expansions for $49.95. To tempt you there are four special pizzas on offer, #MOOGLES_MEATLOVERS, #HEAVENSWARD_HAWAIIAN, #CURIOUS_CACTUAR, and #CHOCOBO_CHOW. I like how the pizza names are all in capitals and have hashtags and underscores, because that’s how all gamer’s talk, AM I RITE n00bs?

Arcade racer Racing Apex is coming to PC and consoles next year via Curve Digital. “Inspired by the look and feel of classic arcade racing, Racing Apex combines fast-paced driving action alongside vehicular combat with a multitude of weapons to destroy the enemy before they reach the finish line. Players will race it out in a variety of race modes, including both local and online multiplayer.”

Some of the tracks for Just Dance 2018 have been announced and they’re all pretty good. Top marks to Ubisoft for picking one of my faves, Beep Beep I’m A Sheep.

Forgotton Anne is coming later this year from ThroughLine Games via the Square Enix Collective. You play as Anne, an enforcer in the Forgotton Realm who must stop a rebellion that might prevent her master, Bonku, and herself from returning to the human world.

The latest LEGO Dimensions recruits are the crime-stopping trio, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, aka The Powerpuff Girls.

New from Techland Publishing is God’s Trigger, a top down shooter with co-op. Playing as an Angel and a Demoness you must work together to defeat the Four Horsemen before they destroy all life on Earth.

The Thurstmaster TS-XW Racer is a new, high end racing wheel designed for e-sports on Xbox One.

The wheel features a brand-new, built-in, 40-watt brushless servomotor, providing incredible velocity (dynamic torque) that when combined with controlled power, is able to support intensive use during long hours of e-racing competition without any decrease in performance.

Armored Warfare is coming to PlayStation 4 next year, so you have plenty of time to prepare all your tank based puns, tank you very much.

One of the weirdest revivals announced this year was the return of Bubsy the Bobcat in Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back. The game now has a release date, October 31st this year, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

And Finally, something to give you nightmares, this is a demo of Valve’s SteamVR “Knuckles” controllers. Sweet dreams!

UPDATE: News Snatch escaped a little early, apologies. It will be spanked and sent to its room with no supper and told not to do it again.

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  1. I’m so upset right now. I saw news snatch and thought it was Friday and now I’m confused. Then to make matters worse I thought “oh well at least I get to see some improbable boobs on a Thursday for once” and there aren’t been any improbable boobs.

    Sad faces all round.

    • Yeah but, you got to see The Power Puff Girls!

      • Power Puff Girls are a dangerous substitute for improbable boobs! Tony, if I were you I’d get on the Sun website and cop an eye load quickly to avoid any Power Puff trouble.
        Despite the lack of IBs it was still a big old snatch, that single screenshot of Racing Apex is oddly appealing and more Attack on Titan is exciting! Not that I’ve played the first yet. Oh and does anyone know where and when we can watch series 2 here in the U.K.? I wanna know what’s in the walls!!
        And congrats Tony on winning the competition!

    • Apologies, News Snatch escaped a little early. Too much Gamescom stuff to fit in Improbable Boobs.

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