Almighty: Kill Your Gods announced for PC and consoles

During the Guerrilla Collective Versus Evil and Runwild Entertainment announced a game called Almighty: Kill Your Gods which is an action RPG. Going by the trailer it seems that that players will be fighting giant creatures and hordes to gather resources, and those are used to build and maintain buildings that can be used to help defend against creatures. Players play as a character called Alpha who is hunting false Gods after getting powers from their ancestors.


Almighty: Kill Your Gods description reads:

Hunt demons, monsters, and gods solo or online with friends in this action RPG. You are an Alpha, a magical warrior infused with the power of your ancestors. Run, leap and fly across islands, ripping your foes to pieces, and rebuilding your shattered Home Island with their remains. Bring low the oppressive false gods, protect your kindred and become Almighty.

Almighty’s features are:

  • Use magic gauntlets for devastating ranged or melee attacks, and amulets to summon powerful spells in this 3rd person Action RPG
  • Play in solo or co-operative online play.
  • Craft and customize powerful gear to create your own unique character class and play styles.
  • Upgrade and defend your Home Island, a strong home gives you power. Visit your friends’ Home Islands and help each other upgrade and defend from enemy raids.
  • Fight in reactive, changing environments. Anger the gods and see the islands change before your eyes.

Source: Guerrilla Collective

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