Composer James Hannigan returns to score Evil Genius 2

Rebellion have convinced BAFTA award winning composer James Hannigan to return and score the soundtrack for Evil Genius 2. How they’ve managed to do this, Rebellion have not confirmed, but I’d put money on family kidnappings and shark tanks being involved somehow.

The new came as part of a deep dive into some of the new gameplay additions and tweaks as part of a lengthy development update.


Hannigan won his BAFTA for the soundtrack to Theme Park World in 2000, while also being nominated for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game, Republic: The Revolution,FA Premier League Manager and the original Evil Genius.

He’s got a huge body of work in video games, including Dead Space, Transformers, Theme Park and Command and Conquer.

It’s the second reveal for the game in quick succession, with Rebellion having shown off the first gameplay trailer during the PC Gaming Show last night. The above trailer digs into what they showed and gives more specific details on new henchmen and the like.

More news is on the way, with streams, “deep dives” and a closed beta planned before the game’s launch later this year for PC via Steam. In fact, the team will be hosting a behind the scenes stream this coming week on 17th June at 10 AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM BST / 7PM CEST.

It’s coming up on 15 years since Rebellion picked up the Evil Genius IP, having snagged them in 2006 after the modest success of the game in 2004.

The original game was a ’60s spy thriller spin on Dungeon Keeper style of game, as you build up your villain’s hideout, repel the good guys in combat and try to achieve global domination. Just as in that game, you’ll take control of a titular Evil Genius in Evil Genius 2, put your plans for world domination in motion. Build your own evil lair and set up a convenient cover operation as you train a small army of minions and henchmen to defend yourself from the Forces of Justice. Think Dungeon Keeper, but with spies.

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