See 5 minutes of new Haven gameplay from The Game Bakers

The Game Bakers dropped a good long section of gameplay their upcoming love-based RPG Haven, showcasing its exploration, RPG battling, crafting and conversation systems. It’s a big change of pace from the acclaimed bullet hell boss rush of Furi.


The video starts with Kay and Yu gliding across the surface of the alien planet, heading into red Rust to collect the resource. You can switch between which of the two will take the lead, and follow light paths through the air. At times, rust-infused enemies dotted around the world can chase after the pair, leading to interesting looking RPG battles with the two characters fighting to cleanse the creatures attacking them, combo attacks, defensive moves and all. Exploring can also lead to discovering key items needed to fix up the pair’s craft and living space – in this case a gyro stabilise.

All of it leads to the character interactions between the couple. Dialogue in the game is generally supportive and feels constructive, even when learning about each others’ particular foibles and ways of doing things. It’s all rather wholesome.

There was also another shorter and sweeter trailer that went along with all of this:

One holdover from The Game Bakers’ last game, Furi, is the musical collaborations. Furi won our Best Soundtrack award in 2016, pulling together several different artists. Danger featured on that soundtrack and features here once more. I loved the music found in Haven’s gorgeous opening movie, revealed earlier this year.

Haven will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One (via Xbox Game Pass) in 2020.

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