Serial Cleaners is a crime scene clean up sequel coming in 2021

Draw Distance have announced a sequel to their crime clean-up simulator, with Serial Cleaners revealed for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, planned for release in 2021.

It turns out that crime can play, so long as your in the job of cleaning up after other people’s grisly murders. Cleaning up after a murder is a messy job at the best of times – note: I don’t actually have personal experience of this – but it’s particularly tricky if you’re a cleaner, trying to sweep away all the evidence before the cops can collect it.

For the sequel, Serial Cleaners, Draw Distance are making a few changes to the formula. For one, there’s no overarching narrative, with the game set on New Years Eve 1999 with a group of cleaners recounting some of their most thrilling jobs. You’ll play as each of them in turn, reenacting their escapades from the past decade – the original was set in the 1970s.

Despite borrowing the “make the sequel plural” naming convention from Aliens, this game will remain a single player game.

For another, the game ditches the stylised 2D graphics in favour of a 3D isometric view, potentially allowing for more nuance to the stealth gameplay.. That said, it looks like it will try to keep some of the same visual stylings.

I reviewed the original Serial Cleaner, saying:

“Cleaning up someone else’s mess has never been this much fun, and that’s saying something when said mess includes pieces of evidence, corpses and more than a little bit of blood spatter. Serial Cleaner is easy to recommend as a quirky and fun stealth ’em up with a somewhat macabre sense of humour.”

I had a lot of fun with that game, despite a few quirks. It’s quite regularly on a rather hefty discount in sales, so worth checking out if you’ve got a couple quid of store credit to spare on your preferred platform.

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