Nintendo release free Jump Rope Challenge fitness game for Switch

If you’re looking for another way to keep moving and stay fit right now, Nintendo have just released Jump Rope Challenge for Nintendo Switch, a free mini-game to download from the Nintendo eShop. It’s a limited-time release available from today until the end of September.

You can grab it now from the eShop on Nintendo Switch, or use the below links to get it via your web browser:


The game uses a pair of Joy-Con controllers and the powers of imagination to string an invisible rope between the two, it’s a simple game of jumping on the spot without even the slightest risk of getting your feet caught up in a tangle. Two people can play at once as well, with each person holding one Joy-Con, working together to set a high score. You can set a daily target and track your progress from one day to the next.

There’s also features for people living in flats, wary of disturbing downstairs neighbours with too much stomping on the ground, so you can switch from skipping to bending your knees or moving your arms to play without making noise. Obviously the extent of the exercise you get from that will be diminished, but any activity is better than no activity!

Jump Rope Challenge was created by a handful of Nintendo devs who have been working from home in Japan, cooking up a simple way to add some quick activity to your daily routine.

It follows on from the other hit fitness game on Switch, Ring Fit Adventure. That’s a more fully formed workout game, coming with a physical pilates ring accessory and using the Joy-Con motion sensors to track a range of movements to tie in with a fitness and activity-based RPG. It’s been a real hit for the company, flying off the shelves as people look for lockdown fitness games, and with good reason – Ring Fit Adventure is a game that we can recommend quite highly. Of course, with its scarcity and high price due to the required peripherals, Jump Rope Challenge is a game that will reach many more people.

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  1. Good old Ninty. Looks fun. Must say having been a little disappointed with the family take up (including myself) when Ring Fit was purchased S a family chrimbo present, it’s really cold good last few months with all 4 of us on it most days. Appreciate it’s no replacement for the gym but I wouldn’t go to or pay for the gym so go echo your earlier comments – any exercise is better than none.

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