Dirt 5 release date set for 9th October on PS4, Xbox One and PC – PS5 & Xbox Series X details to follow

Codemasters have announced that Dirt 5 will be out on 9th October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, bringing with it an in depth career mode and action-packed racing. Dirt 5 is also coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but since it’s not publicly known when Sony and Microsoft plan to release their next-gen consoles, Codies can’t exactly tell us when the enhanced versions of the game will be out.

The company are hyping up the career mode in the game, with a chapter-based structure and a narrative of Alex ‘AJ’ Janiček (Troy Baker) mentoring you as an up and coming racer, while Bruno Durand (Nolan North) plays your arch rival. Alongside them will be special guest appearances from W Series World Champion, Jamie Chadwick and YouTuber SLAPTrain in a Dirt Podcast by Donut Media that features throughout.

There will be over 130 events spread across five chapters, with nine race types and Throwdown challenges mixed in for good measure, but you can pick your own path through the career. As you race, you earn Stamps that can be spent to unlock the Main Event chapter ending showdown, but you won’t have to take on every event in the career if you don’t want to, meaning you can skip some modes you don’t like so much.

Codemasters have previously shown of off New York, China and Norway settings, with each environment having a new seasonality element, so you can race in New York in the winter or spring, with the tracks having different track layouts and gameplay depending on this. The variety of vehicles is also being amped up, going beyond the traditional rallying and buggying vehicles to more specialised left-only oval drift machines. It’s certainly sounds to be a far cry from the much more purist Dirt Rally series.

If you come up against an event you don’t like the look of, you’ll be able to enlist the help of some friends. The game will feature full on four player split-screen co-op throughout the career, with the best finisher in your group being used to set your progress.

That’s impressive on current gen consoles – particularly the Xbox One! – but next-gen systems will be able to take four player split-screen in their stride. The game is confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but Codemasters have only talked about the Xbox Series X upgrade so far. On Microsoft’s platform, they will be taking advantage of Smart Delivery to offer cross-generational upgrades and ownership from Xbox One to Series X, while the Series X is powerful enough to run at a locked 4K60 and offer an optional 120Hz performance mode that will take advantage of high end TVs and displays.

The game is in development at Codemasters Cheshire, the studio that’s previously been known as Evolution Studios while developing MotorStorm and Driveclub, and then Codemasters Evo in the run up to the ill-fated OnRush. Codemasters is putting a lot of faith in this team, but it’s great to see them carry on, and you can definitely get a sense of the studio’s heritage and style through the trailers and screenshots revealed so far.

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  1. Even if sony decide to offer a free upgrade for PS5 I think I’ll wait until the console’s release before getting this so I can enjoy the game in all of it’s next gen glory.

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