Two Point Hospital free Sandbox Update out now for PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Two Point Hospital has been updated today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, adding a long awaited freeform Sandbox Mode where you can let your hospital designing imagination run wild.


The delightful whimsy of Two Point Hospital was released for console back in February, but with a few key features from the PC version cut with the promise to add them shortly after release. Sandbox mode was originally planned to be added to the game in March, but Two Point Studios delayed the mode as they worked to narrow down the cause of a few troublesome bugs and gremlins in the game, namely crash bugs and save corruption.

Though these issues were only affecting a small number of players, the team naturally took them quite seriously and delayed sandbox update until they were resolved. Hotfix #2 was released back at the start of May, kicking those nasty issues to the kerb and allowing the team to get back to work on sandbox mode. Naturally, this was all happening around the time that companies were adapting to working from home due to a real world medical emergency…

Now, the sandbox mode has finally arrived, giving you unlimited amounts of cash and Kudosh to spend, unlocking every item in the game, and letting you fiddle with the difficulty to let you have whatever level of challenge you like.

Two Point Hospital’s port to console is a comprehensive and well rounded one. We reviewed the game in February, finding intuitive controls, a smart and easy to use UI and great performance on PlayStation 4. The Switch version is similarly easy to play, even though it suffers from a frame rate below 30fps.

I said, “Two Point Hospital’s performance is better on PS4 than Switch, but whichever platform you choose to play on, it’s a fun hospital sim with bags of personality and humour.”

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