Skate 4 is happening! Skateboarding fans rejoice!

Skate, arguably the best skateboarding series of all time – sorry Tony – is set to return, with EA making the formal announcement at the close of their EA Play event.

Skateboarding fans will love the idea that they’re going to get to return to Skate’s incredible control scheme and perfect moment-to-moment gameplay, with, what you can only imagine, will turn out to be Skate 4.

While there have been some pretenders to the throne over the last couple of years, with Session and Skate XL two ambitious skateboarding games currently in Steam Early Access, it seems that all they managed to do was convince EA that it might be worth greenlighting a new skateboarding game of their own.

Our excitement peaked a couple of years ago when the Skate 3 servers were turned back on and we got to wondering about whether we would see more from the series, but the obvious answer was that the game had recently become backwards compatible on Xbox One. Even so, the player base will have been incredibly small and seemed a weird one to justify the cost of turning the servers back on. Perhaps it was all in the hope of keeping the Skate community happy until they could set out the next step in the franchise, and that day has finally come.

It’s even more surprising that we haven’t had a Skate 3 remaster, though I guess today’s less than detailed announcement doesn’t completely rule out that happening, or that this game, and the return of Skate is just that. I don’t think fans would be even a little happy with that, having got their hopes up of a fully featured next-gen entry in the series, but with EA, beggars can’t be choosers.

Skate 3 came out ten whole years ago – that’s right old people! – and our beloved Blair didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I did/do rewarding it a salty 6/10, saying “There really isn’t much depth to be found with Skate 3, due to the short career mode and lacking extra features. Thankfully, the simplistic yet effective controls and the fun to be found in some of the challenges help somewhat. With Skate 3, we see that innovation can only last so long before it becomes uninspired and stale.”

EA will be hoping to prove Blair wrong when they return with the Skate franchise, sometime in the future.

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  1. Classic EA. Hope everyone still buys Session and Skater XL. Without them, we probably wouldn’t be getting Skate 4.

    Mental that we’ve waited 10 years with nothing and now were getting 4 skateboarding games, all of which are appealing in their own ways.

  2. Awesome! EA are truly on a roll and this is great news, I’m so encouraged that I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more SSX!

  3. Holy Moly that’s great news. Not a fan of sports games that much but the skate franchise was in my view excellent across the board (pun intended). Recently cracked open skate 3 for my son n though he didn’t stick on it for long he had a blast while he did. For a 10(?!) year old game it still plays bloody well and looks great. As per this article, it’ll hopefully look amazing on this / next gen. Cannot wait. And please bring Coach Frank back. Jason Lee doesn’t seem too busy at the moment.

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