A new gameplay trailer for VR duel title Blaston has been released

Back in April, Resolution Games announced the VR duel title Blaston. In Blaston players face off against each other in one on one duels using various weapons to chip away at each other’s health until there is a winner. Now, a debut gameplay trailer has been released that shows what players can expect to be doing. In the trailer two characters, Dracx and Taurex, are standing on podiums and begin firing at each other as well as dodging incoming projectiles or using shields.


Mathieu Castelli, Resolution Games’ chief creative officer, said:

“This game is really like no other VR title we’ve ever seen. While the bullets may come at you in slow motion, the game moves at a lightning fast pace. The idea for Blaston came from the old west shootouts and morphed into a futuristic dueling game. But in this battle, it’s all about positional awareness of you – your avatar – on a gladiator-like jousting platform just a stone’s throw away from your opponent. This situation completely embodies what VR should be: an escape to a new world where the space around you and your competitor are all that matters. If you’re not focused on the moment in Blaston, analyzing every movement of not only you, but also your opponent — and the projectiles around you — you lose.”

Blaston does seem a little similar to Telefrag VR, except that is a 1v1 duelling game in large arenas instead of being confined to podiums. In Blaston, players will not have control over the weapons that spawn so it will be a case of thinking quickly on your feet. Resolution games has confirmed that Blaston will first be released on Oculus Quest in the autumn, with other VR platforms to follow later on. Those are likely to include PSVR,  Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

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