Ghost of Tsushima has gone gold, confirms Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch has announced that Ghost of Tsushima has gone gold, meaning it is ready to be released for players. However, you will have to wait as the release date for Ghost of Tsushima is still a month away, when it releases on July 17th. The news was announced by Sucker Punch via the company’s Twitter feed, accompanied with a picture of composed of the faces of the development team behind Ghost of Tsushima.


Here are some facts about Ghost of Tsushima that we’ve summarised from some of Sucker Punch’s responses in a Q&A  the company recently had:

  • Protagonist Jin Sakai wields an heirloom katana and won’t be able to use other melee weapons such as axes or spears. This blade will stay with you throughout the entire game and can be customised and upgraded. As players progress his arsenal will expand with tools such as the kunai and smoke bombs.
  • Jin can play his flute any time while exploring the open world.
  • Unlike inFamous, Ghost of Tsushima won’t feature a karma or moral system. The spectrum between Ghost and honourable samurai is there to encourage experimentation in different playstyles as opposed to being a system that influences Jin’s story.
  • Ghost of Tsushima has a full day/night cycle as well as dynamic weather. Sometimes this will change for special cinematic moments in the game’s story.
  • There will be three difficulty settings – easy, normal, and hard. Enemies will be more aggressive as your ratchet up the difficulty though their health never increases, emphasising the killing power of Jin’s katana.
  • Based on the State of Play footage, some viewers surmised that Ghost of Tsushima’s combat is fairly easy. Sucker Punch stresses that these encounters are heavily skill based and the footage captured was representative of how someone might approach these battles having mastered the game’s mechanics.
  • Jin has access to both a halfbow and longbow.
  • Jin can visit towns, complete side missions, and form alliances with NPCs. These stories are optional though there are rewards for those who wander from the critical path to explore Tsushima.
  • Ghost of Tsushima is longer than any of Sucker Punch’s previous games. According to the developer, testers could spend an entire week playing without completing the main story.
  • Jin cannot swim.
  • There are no other playable characters.
  • You’ll be able to hunt certain animals for resources.

The game was originally due out this month before being pushed back due to the pandemic.

Source: Twitter

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