Handball 21 is coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC this November

Four years after the last game, Nacon and Eko Software have announced Handball 21. The game will be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this November.

On the surface, Handball 21 sounds like it’s a game about foul play in football, but it’s actually a sport in its own right, with over 27 million sports federation members around the globe.

It’s heavily licensed, with the four big European leagues and a several of the lower divisions, featuring 1,600 handball players in the game, including Nikola Karabatic, Valero Rivera and Melvyn Richardson.

Obviously, with four years since the last Handball game, you can expect the game to make a good step forward in terms of simulation, with new animations and enhanced AI leading to improved defence tactics and custom set plays.

Through the solo, multiplayer local and online modes, there’s a few additions here as well. A new League Mode in the game, which follows a single player’s career, while letting you manage their teams. Meanwhile, Solo Mode goes more in depth with the ability to create a team, recruit players and enter tournaments off your own back.

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