The Falconeer gets a swooping new story trailer

The swooping open world fantasy aerial combat game The Falconeer has a new story trailer, giving us a look at the water-covered world of Ursee and some of the big bird-based battling we can expect to see when the game is released for Xbox One and PC in 2020.

The Falconeer is a third person aerial combat game, but instead of featuring fighter jets or WW2 planes, it straps you to the back of a giant bird and equips you with powerful ranged weapons. The trailer shows footage from the first chapter of the game, where you battle against pirates with agile ships and airships.

The open world of Ursee is a fantastical place almost entirely blanketed in water. At the centre of the world is a vast canyon carved into the water known as the Maw, revealing some of the secrets that hide beneath the surface.

Holding the keys to the ancient technologies of this world are the Mancers, closely guarding their secrets and only bestowing them upon a select few. They look down on the power struggles of the Imperium and its various houses and factions, who must come and request assistance. But beneath them all are the ordinary folk, under the heel of oppression, simply looking to survive amidst the Freebooters and pirates, whether that’s through honest living or turning to more illicit means. You play as all three sides of this world, engaged in a single conflict for supremacy.

I played the game at the start of this year, coming away impressed by its ambition:

The scope and scale of The Falconeer is stunning on several levels. Not only is it putting a fantasy spin on the untapped aerial dogfighting genre, but it’s doing so in an open world filled with lore, clashing factions, and stunning visuals. To think all of this is the work of just one guy makes it all the more impressive.

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