Torchlight III’s final location is called Echonok, see the reveal here

Perfect World Entertainment has revealed the third and final area of Torchlight III, and it is called Echonok which is the location of the ancient Dwarven halls. The new area adds brand new story content, new dungeons to explore, new enemies and bosses to fight, and Echonok specific loot to find and use. Perfect World has confirmed that Echonok will be available to all Steam Early Access players from June 30th.


The main new enemies are the Voltura, bird machine hybrids that will defend their home. The main quest is focused on hunting down Veriss, who carries the Void Heart. With the Heart, Veriss can merge the worlds of humans and Netherim forever.

Announced back in 2018, Torchlight Frontier promised a “shared-world experience” and free-to-play gaming, but that didn’t really sit too well with the fanbase of games that were designed to fill the void leading up to Diablo III’s release. This rebranding also sees the game drop its free-to-play business model and follow the more traditional action RPG form of the first two games.

t’s back to more linear dungeon crawling and drive to better Epic Gear and Relics, instead of the “horizontal progression” previously mooted, and many of the particular quirks of the series will return. You’ll choose from four Torchlight classes, pick a pet to accompany you – including an alpaca, owl and dog – and then explore forests full of dangerous beasts and powerful rewards.

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