Torchlight III’s latest end game content is Fazeer Shah’s Dun-Djinn

Echtra Games and Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the latest end game content for Torchlight III has now arrived, and it is Fazeer Shah’s Dun-Djinn. If that name rings a bell then it is because Fazeer Shah was a djinn from Torchlight II, and now the djinn has created a long and dangerous dungeon. This new dungeon has a number of challenges that get more difficult as you progress. Players will have some choice as at the beginning of the dungeon players will pick cards that determine the monsters, elements, and chaotic affixes that will appear.

Should you manage to work your way through the dungeon then players will be getting a number of rewards including rare and legendary items, fort decorations, and exclusive pets. Announced back in 2018, Torchlight Frontier promised a “shared-world experience” and free-to-play gaming, but that didn’t really sit too well with the fanbase of games that were designed to fill the void leading up to Diablo III’s release. This rebranding also sees the game drop its free-to-play business model and follow the more traditional action RPG form of the first two games.


t’s back to more linear dungeon crawling and drive to better Epic Gear and Relics, instead of the “horizontal progression” previously mooted, and many of the particular quirks of the series will return. You’ll choose from four Torchlight classes, pick a pet to accompany you – including an alpaca, owl and dog – and then explore forests full of dangerous beasts and powerful rewards.

Source: Press Release

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