Perfect World show off Torchlight III’s customisable Forts in the latest trailer

The latest trailer for Torchlight III has given us a first look at the Forts system found in the action RPG. These customisable fortresses let you put an individual stamp on the world, decorating them as you see fit and inviting other players to visit.

The Forts are a leftover from the game’s earlier form as a free-to-play game. Then known as Torchlight Frontier, it featured more shared world elements, but Perfect World and Echtra Games pivoted the game back toward the designs of the original two action RPG dungeon crawlers in the series. The biggest element of that design that remains is the Forts system.

You gain access to your fort early in Act 1, right after you’ve cleared out a mob of attacking goblins, and go from there. It then acts as your home base, where you return to craft items and upgrade your character’s loadout. You can also craft and earn objects that you can place within the fort’s walls, with the ability to position them, rotate them and even stack them how you want. Most decorations are awarded through working through Contract tiers, but they can be given as quest rewards, or crafted. Forts are account wide, so all characters that you create will contribute to its buildings, recipes, upgrades, and resources.

Harking back to the shared world design of Frontier, you might encounter other players’ forts as you adventure. Some parts of them can be interactive, such as the Luck Tree blessing you with luck, or the Enchanting Station letting you share rare recipes. Of course, you can also invite friends to join you at your fort before you go off adventuring.

All told, it’s a really interesting system, and we’re eager to see how it feeds into the game. Torchlight III is planned for release on PC via Steam this summer.

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