Torchlight III’s Sharpshooter hero class revealed

The fourth hero class for the upcoming dungeon crawler Torchlight III has been revealed, with Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games taking the wraps off the Sharpshooter. When the game launches later this year, she will join the Dusk Mage, Forged and Railmaster classes already revealed.

The Sharpshooter class combined precision skills with ranged weapons and magical trinkets that let her attack enemies from afar. She features a bow weapon that can fire off a barrage of shots to deal damage from a distance, and can be powered up with new skills to use trick abilities and regenerate ammo.

A selection of her abilities include:

  • Scatter Shot – Use your weapon and do a short range, wide cone burst of projectiles, each dealing damage. Holding it down increases the damage.
  • Heart Seeker – Fire a piercing arrow that knocks enemies back and does weapon damage on hit and leaves them bleeding.
  • Targeted Strikes – Fire three piercing shots each dealing weapon damage. Each successive hit to the same target deals extra damage.
  • Scout’s Bones – Summon an ancient rat spirit swam that moves slowly, piercing targets for damage and leaves them poisoned.
  • Sacrifice to Goose – Call down the great spirit of a great eagle you call ‘Goose,’ who knocks back enemies and applies damage vulnerability to them.
  • Loyal Shasta – Summon the spirit of your best friend, Shasta, who deals weapon damage and taunts enemies.

Torchlight III was announced back in January as a complete game overhaul of the long in development Torchlight Frontier. It’s morphed into a more direct successor to the original two ARPG dungeon crawlers, ditching the free-to-play business model and some of the shared world elements that they had been working on.

One element that does remain from the Frontier game design is building and upgrading a personal fort. Here you’ll be able to upgrade gear, make renovations to show off to friends, and fill it with monuments pet stables and more.

Torchlight III will be out for PC via Steam this summer and is currently in closed alpha. Though Frontier was originally announced for consoles as well, there’s no mention of anything other than PC at this time.

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