Payday 2 Breakfast in Tijuana DLC live with new Heist, 199.5 update

Overkill have just revealed their latest DLC bundle for popular online co-op shooter, Payday 2, alongside today’s 199.5 June 30th update.

It’s a double whammy for Payday 2 fans and one that adds a brand new heist mission to the game along with new weapons and loads of cosmetic items as well as other features and fixes.

Breakfast in Tijuana is now available for £5.19 via Steam, throwing a new one day heist into the mix that has you and your cohorts break an associate out of prison:

After the San Martín heist, the gang got away, but not everyone did. One of the gang’s allies, Hajrudin, Vlad’s brother-in-law, was discovered and arrested by the Federales. The Federales quickly moved Hajrudin to a custody cell in a highly secure police station in Tijuana. Vlad has now contacted the Payday Gang with a plan to hit the police station at dawn and get Hajrudin out. The heist is available in both stealth and loud, and has a variety of preplanning options, allowing players to customize their approach.

Alongside the heist DLC there is the new Fugitive Weapon Pack and the accompanying Weapon Color Pack 2, both priced at £2.09. Together with Breakfast at Tijuana you can purchase the bundle for £7.22, saving 23%. Speaking of savings, Payday 2 itself is only £0.74 as part of the Steam Summer Sale. Madness!

Payday 2 players have also been treated to some extra bonuses as part of the Family Matters update. You can now select gloves individually from your character skin with new weapon camo options available, dialling up the amount of customisation on offer.

Here are full list of changes being made to Payday 2 as part of the 199.5 update.

Payday 2 199.5 June 30th update patch notes

Update size: 833.8Mb


  • Increased weapon angle for previewing weapons in the inventory
  • Added chat to the inventory screen
  • Added colorblind mode for the hurt indicator
  • Fixed an issue with cut off text when buying a heist on Death Wish or Death Sentence in Japanese


  • Fixed an issue where players could stand on top of the hostage on some holdout levels
  • Fixed several navigation issues in the San Martín Bank heist
  • Fixed a graphical issue with one of the cops at the start of the level in the San Martín Bank heist
  • Fixed a navigation issue where AI would walk through the escape van in the Jewelry Store heist
  • Fixed an issue where a civilian could detect the player without having a line of sight on the Breakin’ Feds
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would be climbing between the different floors on the Diamond Heist
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the shadows near the escape on the Undercover heist

Source: Steam

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