Overcooked 2 gets free Suns Out Buns Out DLC this weekend

BBQ tongs at the ready – there a fresh slab of Overcooked 2 DLC coming down the pipeline and it will be available to download for free this weekend!

Team17 and Ghost Town Games have announced the new Suns Out Buns Out DLC for Overcooked 2 and with it comes new levels, new chefs, new recipes, and some other neat bells and whistles for your couch co-op culinary capers.

The free DLC launches for the PC version of Overcooked 2 this Sunday on July 5th and will also be coming to consoles “later this month” according to the announcement. Here’s what you can expect from the game’s latest update:

  • New chefs: A new pair of lovable canine chefs are ready to help (or hinder) players in the heat of the kitchen
  • Summer recipes: Whether it’s cooling off with an ice cream float or staying healthy with a summer salad, chefs have two new dishes to rustle up
  • New levels: It wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t get to go on holiday, and Sun’s Out Buns Out takes you to five new destinations
  • Start the party: What’s better to start the summer than a parade? Expect fireworks, confetti, and floats to spice up your game

We reviewed Overcooked 2 when it originally launched back in 2018, scoring the scrumptious sequel an 8/10:

Overcooked 2 may be short on surprises, but that’s totally fine. It expands and refines exactly what we loved about the original, with plenty of fun and challenging stages to be played again and again, whether alone, with friends, or online. You couldn’t ask much more from this indie sequel: a filling follow-up that, while familiar, will have fans reaching for their aprons on launch day.

In other Team17 news, the publisher announced this week that they will be bringing back their flagship series. That’s right, there’s a new Worms game on the way: Worms Rumble is due out later this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, bringing frenzied real-time battles and online cross-play.

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