Sony looking to buy Warframe publisher, halts Facebook advertising

Sony are currently circling Warframe and Dirty Bomb company Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd but face competition with a rival bid from iDreamSky, who count Tencent as one of their shareholders. You may recognise that name, Tencent, they own Riot Games and Funcom and have large stakes in Supercell, Epic and Marvellous, and smaller stakes in Activision, Frontier, Yager, and Platinum Games.

“Sony is hoping that it can edge out other bidders with greater certainty of financing,” report Bloomberg, “Talks are still ongoing and no final decision has been made.”

Aside from Warframe and Dirty Bomb Leyou are also working with Amazon to help create the new Lord of the Rings game, and also porting Warframe to next gen consoles.

Sony have also suspended all advertising on Facebook as part of the StopHateForProfit campaign. The campaign was set up to highlight the fact that Facebook does a terrible job of moderating content with homophobia, bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism and violence all hosted on the platform next to adverts for well known brands.

“In support of the #StopHateForProfit campaign, we have globally suspended our Facebook and Instagram activity, including advertising and non-paid content, until the end of July. We stand for working (and playing) together for good,” said PlayStation in a statement.

Sony join Adidas, Ford, Volkswagen, Verizon, The North Face, and many other brands who have halted adverts on the platform. “This definitely seems more widespread,” said Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer’s principal analyst. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this level of marketer action around Facebook.”

One other company to half their advertising on Facebook is Microsoft who are Facebook’s third biggest advertiser with a spend of $116 million last year. However, that’s left them in odd situation as they have recently announced plans to shut down Mixer and partner with Facebook Gaming, with Mixer services redirecting to Facebook on 22nd July.

Source: Bloomberg / Gi.Biz / CNET


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  1. I hope all these companies enforce this boycott permanently to wipe that smug “they’ll come back” smile off that dicks face!

  2. What many of these Alt-leftists consider hate is just opinions they disagree with.

    I’m sick of cancel culture. I don’t even like it when it comes back to bite these people in the arse, and it always does.

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