Ride 4 developer diary delves into bike scans and engine sounds

Developer Milestone has released the first developer diary for Ride 4, and this one covers quite a lot of ground in its short run time. The video delves into how Milestone has changed the way it is modelling bikes in Ride 4 compared to its predecessors, with much more in-depth scans and more material textures built into the development tools. The work has not just gone into how the bikes look but how they sound, with engine sounds recorded from real life and put into the game. The engine sound should now sound more realistic compared to previous games.


The final part of the video looks into the relationship between the bike and track surfaces, with a look at how bikes react to changes in the surface, how riders lean, and the impact of weather. Taking the bikes to the races, you’ll find a new Endurance mode, which allows Milestone to show off the new dynamic lighting and weather conditions featured in the game, as well as adding in pit stops for tyres and fuel management.

That will no doubt feature within the overhauled career mode, where you can chart your own path through a selection of local and international leagues. The game will tap into some of the technologies developed for Milestones other franchises, such as Neural Network AI to try and make your opponents more competitive, and dedicated servers for when you head online.

Ride 4 also sees Milestone kick off a partnership with Yamaha Motor and Bridgestone. It’s not entirely clear how that partnership will feature i in the game, as they could be sharing their wealth of experience with bike physics and tyre modelling, but you can at least expect that Yamaha bikes and tyres with Bridgestone branding.

In our Ride 3 review, Tom wrote:

“On paper Ride 3 offers a lot of variety both in terms of quantity of bikes and track options. It’s possibly the most refined Milestone game to date and you could spend 20 hours playing through the career and have a perfectly acceptable experience, but you’ll be left wanting more. It does little to innovate or move the genre forward. In many ways, Ride 3 is like eating a 14 piece KFC bargain bucket all to yourself. Initially it’s satisfying and feels like great value for money, but about halfway through, indigestion starts to make you question why you didn’t just get a Zinger burger instead. Sometimes, less is more.”

You can read the Ride 3 review here.  Ride 4 will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 8th October 2020

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