Alpaca Ball: Allstars is a football game with alpacas, coming to PC and Switch

Salt Castle Studios has taken its love of football and fondness of alpacas, and mashed them together to create an alliance that takes shape in the form of Alpaca Ball: Allstars. Yes, it is a football game that has you playing as alpacas. In this physics based title the alpacas don’t use their feet but their heads to the hit the ball along the ground. Players will be able to go through a career mode as well as play multiplayer with up to eight players. Steam owners can invite people to play Alpaca Ball: Allstars even if they do not own the game through Steam Remote Play. Players can also set up matches against bots on pitches inspired by South American landmarks, and alpaca customisation is also a part of the game.

Gregor Kirchhofer, Producer at Salt Castle Studio, said:

“We really like football as a game and wondered how the old established formula could be spiced up? We figured it would be extremely hard to expand the rules of a game that is hundreds of years old and loved by millions. But then we remembered that Alpacas make everything better, so here we are.”

A release date for Alpaca Ball: Allstars is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Press Release

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