Horizon Forbidden West trailer soundtrack is now streaming – Horizon Raw Materials merch revealed

With the hype train for Horizon Forbidden West and the PlayStation 5 picking up a head of steam, and Horizon Zero Dawn’s Epic and Steam release just around the corner, Guerrilla Games and Sony have announced some fancy new merch in the Horizon Raw Materials collection, alongside some great news for fans of the Joris de Man soundtracks.

Let’s start with the soundtrack. A re-release of the Horizon Zero Dawn vinyl set is up for pre-order now, including four vinyls and a strictly limited run of 500 for the white edition. Not only that, though, because the soundtrack for the Horizon Forbidden West reveal trailer has been put online.


‘Promise of the West’ composed by Joris de Man and featuring the vocals of Julie Elven is available now for streaming and purchase.

You can stream or buy it from Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, the lot. Just head to this link for the gamut of streaming sites and stores, or we’ve embedded it from Spotify below:

Alongside the soundtrack, Insert Coin have a new range of Forbidden West themed gear. There’s an Aloy’s hair shaded beanie with a little Focus on it, a rusty brown corduroy jacket adorned with the glyphs and symbols representative of the game, and a striped tee with a chibi-style Tremortusk on it. I’m sure you’ll get some knowing looks from gamers while wearing these (alongside some mild confusion from non-gamers).

Then there’s the Horizon Zero Dawn board game, which can be pre-ordered following a rapidly successful Kickstarter:

And a comic book series, which you can check out view this interview with Studio Director/Art Director Jan-Bart van Beek and Narrative Director Ben McCaw:

That’s a lot of Horizon stuff, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, unless you’re waiting for the PC release of Horizon Zero Dawn in August, it might be a bit of a wait for Horizon Forbidden West. Though announced in the Playstation 5 reveal event, Horizon Forbidden West is expected to be releasing in 2021.

Can’t get here soon enough, I’m sure you’ll all agree.

Source: PS Blog

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