Reverse horror game Carrion arrives on PC, Switch & Xbox One later this month

The reverse horror game that is Carrion will be grossly firing out its tendrils onto PC, Switch and Xbox One (with a day one release into Xbox Game Pass) on 23rd July.


If that looks like your fleshy, sinewy bag, you can grab a demo for PC via Steam.

The game clearly takes inspiration from classic 80s horror film The Thing, but spins things around to make you the horrible tendril monster. You play as an amorphous blob and tentacle monster of unknown origin that manages to break out of confinement in a shady facility. You tear the place apart, hunting and consuming the humans that you come across, spreading fear and panic as you go. You’ll grow and evolve as you progress, but you’ll also have to face increasingly difficult humans that try to defend themselves and turn the tables on your with flamethrowers and more.

Of course it was the humans that were the monsters all along, and the true friends are the ones that you consume and turn into new tentacles along the way.

Source: press release

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