Hell Let Loose update 7 adds the Battle of Carentan to the 100-player WW2 shooter

A major update has arrived for the realistic WW2 first person shooter Hell Let Loose, featuring the Battle of Carentan alongside sweeping changes and improvements throughout the game.


The Battle for Carentan map features gruelling urban warfare as you have to push to control the map street-by-street, building-by-building. The map is available to play in Offensive mode, which sees one side holding all sectors of the map to start with the other trying to push through, and Warfare mode, where both sides try to grab and hold as many sectors within the time limit.

This new map is part of Update 7, with the game now just over a year on from its initial launch into Steam Early Access in June 2019. It’s a major milestone for the team at Black Matter in other ways, with an overhauled animation system that hopes to push the game’s realistic style further, and improved audio fidelity.

Here’s a demo of how the new first person animations look from earlier this month:

The game’s 50 vs 50 multiplayer battles go a good step beyond those found in the likes of Battlefield V, and Hell Let Loose also aims to have a more structured feel to those battles. There’s 14 unique roles, from Officer to Medic, Machinegunner, Sniper, Crewman and more, and you’re broken down into squads of five that really do have to stick together and coordinate in order to succeed. Ballistics and recoil aim to be true to life, as is how quickly and easily you can die in battle.

Update 7 brings changes to the audio in the game, with between 32 (the previous limit) and 128 channels of audio, depending on your PC specs. Environmental audio has been modified, along with new procedurally mixed automatic weapon sounds and vehicles dampening the audio from outside.

Additional changes include:

  • Footstep volume slightly increased.
  • Rocket fly by sound added to Panzerschreck and Bazooka Projectiles.
  • Sound mix modifier additions applying volume and EQ ducking to weapon firing, explosions and when the player is underwater.
  • Fuse sound added to german grenades.
  • A few additions of foley to certain animations (Throwing Grenades, Vaulting, Weapon equipping).
  • Vehicle internal MG reflection sound.
  • Volume radius increased to AT impact sounds on vehicles.
  • New Bullet Fly By sounds. In Future we will add sounds for subsonic rounds.

There’s also plans to enhance explosion audio, ambient sound and Foley sounds in future updates.

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