Paper Mario: The Origami King best accessories – where to get them and what they do

Paper Mario: The Origami King doesn’t have a traditional RPG levelling system, but it does have items and gear to equip that will help you out as you explore the world and take part in the game’s new puzzle-like battles.

Paper Mario: The Origami King accessories are gear items that can be equipped and do things like boost your health in battle, help you find some of the secrets hidden in the world, or just turn all your confetti into cherry blossom petals!

These can be purchased from vendors that you meet on your adventure, and will unlock as you get deeper into the game. Every time you meet a new vendor, they’ll always have at least one new item for you to buy.

How to Buy Accessories in Paper Mario: The Origami King

The first time you’ll be able to buy accessories is after rescuing the first merchant Toad in the Earth Vellumental Temple near Overlook Mountain. It’s on the main path through the game’s story, so you’ll pass through this area regardless. You will just need to hit the yellow origami bug that’s crawling around on the wall at the end of the path through the temple turned museum.

Toad will be waiting for you outside the temple, selling a handful of early Accessories.

What Paper Mario: The Origami King Accessories are there?

There’s 18 Accessories in the game to buy, but you can’t just equip them all. They’re instead grouped together, letting you pick one or two from each category depending on what they do.

From the Battle Accessories you can equip one Heart Plus, one Guard Plus, and one Time Plus. Then, for the open world you can equip one of the Alert Accessor, and you can choose to equip two of the Miscellaneous Accessories.

Battle Accessories

  • Heart Plus / Silver Heart Plus / Gold Heart Plus – Raises your HP during battles.
  • Guard Plus / Silver Guard Plus / Gold Guard Plus – Reduces the amount of damage you take in battle.
  • Time Plus / Silver Time Plus / Gold Time Plus – Gives you extra time to arrange enemies once battle starts.

Alert Accessories

  • Toad Alert – Makes a sound when a hidden Toad is nearby.
  • Treasure Alert – Makes a sound when a chest or Collectible Treasure is nearby.
  • Hidden Block Alert – Makes a sound when you’re near a hidden block.

Misc. Accessories

  • Membership Card – Gives you a 20% discount on weapons and items in shops.
  • Confetti Vacuum – Allows you to pick up confetti from farther away.
  • Petal Bag – Turns your confetti into cherry blossom petals.
  • Ally Tambourine – Raises attack power for all of your allies for a little bit.
  • Coin Step Counter – Walk 10,000 steps to win a prize!
  • Retro Soundbox – adds retro sounds to walking, jumping and using the hammer.

The best accessories to equip are quite straight forward. From the Battle Accessories, just pick the most powerful of each one, with Gold being the best. The Alert Accessories, just equip them as and when you you feel you need some points for finding the various collectables.

For the Misc. Accessories, I’d recommend the Confetti Vacuum for all times, then switching between the Ally Tambourine when you have a battle ally, and Membership Card when stocking up on items in the shop.

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