Beyond Good & Evil movie in production at Netflix

Netflix and Ubisoft have announced that there is a Beyond Good & Evil movie in production. Details are scarce at the moment regarding who will star in it, who will direct, or what plot it will follow. The movie could be a retelling of Jade’s story from original Beyond Good & Evil, or it could adapt a story from the Beyond Good & Evil 2. The image suggests the latter though that could be a placeholder until more details are confirmed.


Beyond Good & Evil 2 won’t be releasing until next year at the earliest. Beyond Good & Evil 2 was originally announced at E3 2017 and after that Ubisoft was quite forthcoming with news about the game for a while before going silent. One of the things the studio confirmed was that players would need to be connected online to be able to play Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an online, multiplayer game with a rich co-op and seamless experience. As such, the game will only be playable with an internet connection in order to have seamless navigation, receive dynamic updates, and play with friends (which is certainly better when you’re playing as a Space Pirate!). The choice to play co-op, however, remains yours to make, so playing BGE2 solo is absolutely possible if you’re into that lone Space Pirate kinda thing…

This news follows on from a report earlier today suggesting that a Splinter Cell anime is also being produced at Netflix. There seem to be some details already with Variety reporting that two seasons comprised of 16 episodes in total have been greenlit. Derek Kolstad, who is one of the key writers behind the John Wick films. has been linked as an executive producer and writer for the series.

We will keep a close eye on how Ubisoft and Netflix will be adapting Beyond Good & Evil.

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  1. I thought BG&E2 had been cancelled they’ve been quiet about it for so long, still not sure what to make of it as it’s such a huge departure from the original. They must have big plans for BG&E2 if they are already making a movie adaptation before the game itself has been released. And with that kind of expensive promotion combined with the always online aspect, i can’t help wondering if the game will be riddled with micro-transactions.

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