Setsuka announced for SoulCalibur VI, out next week

Bandai Namco had announced the return of Setsuka to the SoulCalibur franchise, with the returning fighter being available from August 4th through the next DLC drop. The trailer showing Setsuka in action was revealed and you can check it below.


Setsuka first appeared in the SoulCalibur franchise in SoulCalibur III. She was also part of SoulCalibur IV, SoulCalibur V, and SoulCalibur Broken Destiny. Alongside Setsuka there will be free content for all SoulCalibur VI players. This free content will include two new stages, a classic Setsuka costume, and a brand new Groh episode. Back in November SoulCalibur VI was overhauled as part of the move to Season 2.

Sword-y fighting game SoulCalibur VI launched inoin 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, reviving the dormant sword-y fighting game series with a few tweaks and changes to its popular formula. Version 2.00 was a big overhaul of the game’s balance, introducing new moves for all characters, adding new combos and ways to overcome sticky situations.

Two new battle mechanics were also added:

  • The Soul Attack, a strengthened strike that can turn the tide of a battle.
  • The Resist Impact, the ultimate defense move capable of repelling any attack including the currently unblockable ones.

In our review for SoulCalibur VI, Dom wrote:

SoulCalibur VI is a fantastic looking entry in the series, but beyond that feels like something of a missed opportunity. The core combat remains as vibrant, weighty and enjoyable as ever, but the Reversal Edge adds in an element of chance that feels at odds with what most fighting games set out to achieve. The two interminably dull story modes don’t help either, with players left to rely on the the straightforward arcade and online modes for their kicks.

You can read the full SoulCalibur VI review here.

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