Street Fighter V Season 5 roadmap confirms four of the five new fighters

Capcom has held its Street Fighter V Summer update today with the likes of Director Nakayama-san and Producer Matsumoto-san revealing details about Season 5. There is a lot of content incoming from this winter with five new fighters confirmed as part of the new season. Those fighters include Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama. The fifth character is yet to be announced by Capcom and will be revealed in due course. You can watch some early footage of Dan below.


Capcom released the roadmap for Street Fighter V Season V. In the roadmap, it confirmed that Dan would be released in Winter 2020 along with a new stage, battle mechanic, battle balance update, and new costumes. Then in Spring 2021 Rose makes a grand entrance along with another new stage, and new costumes. In Summer 2021, Oro and Akira Kazama will be added to the roster mix, once again with new costumes and a new stage. Then in Fall/Autumn 2021 the mystery character will be released for players to fight with a further new stage, new costumes, and another battle balance update. However, Capcom has stated that things could change with timings.

Back in May, Capcom confirmed the existence of the fifth season for Street Fighter V, and in a statement the company wrote:

We know our players are wondering what’s next for Street Fighter V, so we have some exciting news to share. Due to the positive reception to Season 4 and Champion Edition, we are planning to do a final Season “V”, which will add “V” more fighters to the roster. Three new stages are also being planned.

Street Fighter V is currently available on PS4 and PC.

Source: Capcom

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