Fall Guys, The Witcher & Cyberpunk 2077 tease a very silly collab on social media

Can you guess who’s a fan of Fall Guys? Well, if you guessed The Witcher and Mr. Cyberpunk (not his actual name), then you guessed right. The social media gangs for the three games have spent a good part of today joking around and teasing some kind of future collaboration on some kind of Fall Guys shenanigans in future.


Just one retweet? Oh, that’ll be eas…. Oh…

So the Cyberpunk collab is off the table, but who’s this handsome white-haired fellow? Obviously Geralt wanted in the fun.

We do not know if they DM’d.

Obviously, there’s tons of potential for silly skins and costumes to be dropped into Fall Guys. The default jellybean-like character is made for covering in funky colourful patterns and dressing up, and there’s plenty in the game already. On day one, that’s been accompanied by a fast food themed costume pack, but I’m sure we can all imaging the Cyberpunk jackets and Roach heads.

I’m just wondering why Mediatonic don’t plumb the depths of publisher Devolver Digital’s catalogue first? A bit of Serious Sam, an Enter the Gungeon bullet costume or My Friend Pedro banana, maybe even a Genital Jousting get up? Hmm?

The game came out earlier this week, with over 1.5 million people rushing to download it and play in the first 24 hours – it’s free on PS+, after all. That, obviously, led to the servers falling over, which got so bad that the social media team got all in a flutter and set up an owl-based Twitter account for the game’s servers!

We were playing the game last weekend in the last technical beta test before release and had an absolute ball. Read our Fall Guys preview here, where Jim said:

Tied up in such a cheeky, vibrant package, Fall Guys has the makings of a true multiplayer marvel and one that touts slapstick silliness over a constant barrage of blood and bullets. We’ll be throwing ourselves into this mad little game on launch day and we’ll surely be grinning from ear to ear as we do.

We’ll have our review some time soon, I’m sure.

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