Spelunky 2 release date has been set for September 15th

It has been a long time coming but Spelunky 2 has a release date, and that date is September 15th. The date was announced during Sony’s State of Play in which new footage of Spelunky 2 was shown. The new footage shows larger areas to explore, new ways to interact with shops, new characters to interact with, new items including a shotgun and a pug gun by the looks of it. The game will feature secret passages, branching paths that will lead to different areas, and the ability to ride turkeys!

Spelunky 2 was announced in 2017 and was confirmed for PC and PS4. Spelunky 2 has players take on the role of Ana Spelunky who follows in her father’s footsteps to head underground and make discoveries. The game was originally meant to release in 2019, but was delayed. At the time Mossmouth wrote:

Hey, Spelunky fans! Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to get to release Spelunky 2 this year. Development is still going well and we’re not far off target, but the density and detail of the game is demanding more time. Thank you for your patience.

Also, apologies for the lack of updates! It can be tough balancing communication and dev time (and not spoiling too much). When things are quiet, we’re just working away. :) There will be more updates coming, but for now we’re focusing on development!

Also, I took in the feedback about the environments from the trailer, and while I still love the overall style, we’ve been adding more detail, as well as increasing the contrast to make existing details pop (some were pretty subtle and compression wasn’t friendly to them)!

As soon as we have a release date for Spelunky 2, we’ll make sure everyone knows! We can’t wait to show you more, although of course the best way is for you to experience it for yourself at launch. All the crazy stuff we’re adding makes me buzz with excitement. :)

At least the wait is almost over.

Source: State of Play

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  1. I’m really excited for this, loved the first game. Nice to see this has online co-op.

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