UKIE’s Game Changers live video game music gig is streaming tonight

UKIE and Fuser are hosting a video game music gig on their Twitch channel, playing host to exclusive live performances from a number of well known video game composers.

You can tune into the Game Changers stream from 7:30PM to 11PM, with the show being held to raise money for Mermaids and GamesAid. It will be streamed live from Loading Bar, sponsored by Harmonix and NCSOFT.


To watch and listen, head to

Taking part are Niamh “Chipzel” Houston, Luci Holland, Nyokeë, Ninichi and Luka-Antonia Harvie, AKA Circuit Bird.

As you might be able to guess from the lineup, this Game Changers stream is really dedicated to highlighting female composers in video games. UKIE’s 2020 UK Games Industry Census revealed that game music overwhelmingly comes from male and white composers, and so Game Changers is the first in a series of events designed to highlight the work of a more diverse range people, hoping to have more people from more backgrounds enter the games industry.

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