UKIE’s New CEO Seems Like a Good Choice

The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) has been looking for a new CEO for most of this year. It appears that taking their time could have been a very wise decision as they’ve got a great candidate for job starting in January.

Jo Twist is currently the commissioning editor for education at Channel 4 (UK). She’s ultimately responsible for expanding that TV station’s educational reach into interactive forms, including the commissioning of BAFTA-winning game Privates.


It’s clear that Twist will be pressing on with the excellent work already set in motion by UKIE:

It’s an honour and a privilege to join the brilliant UKIE team at a time when the British interactive entertainment industry is forging its path as a global leader.

UKIE has already achieved so much in bringing the potential of our games industry to the national debate, and I am hugely excited to represent its members and help shape its vision for 2012 and on.

The appointment of someone with such experience (previous jobs at the BBC and a great track record speak for themselves) can surely only strengthen the trade association’s footing.

At a time when there seems to be a perpetual struggle over games in parliament, the mainstream press and the collective consciousness of the country; the work done by UKIE has been intelligent, considered and progressive. Jo’s influence and abilities should ensure that only gets stronger in 2012.

Source: MCV



  1. Good News! She seems to be talking sense already.

  2. Sounds promising, hopefully she will support the industry well.

  3. quite fit also :)

  4. Cool beans.

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