For Honor update 2.21 makes core combat changes

Ubisoft have been toiling in the forges at yet another For Honor update you will need to download and install in order to access their flagship fighting game.


Patch 2.21 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and is a follow-up to last week’s 2.20 update in which a new playable hero, The Warmonger, was introduced.

This For Honor patch also introduced the eagerly anticipated core combat design update. In a nutshell, Ubisoft have been busy working on changes to make battles more offence focused and thereby more dynamic and fun.

However, their work isn’t done. Ubisoft will be working with the For Honor community to make further improvements while ironing out any issues surrounding the combat update. 2.21 outlines a first wave of changes, as noted below.

For Honor update 2.21 patch notes


  • Peacekeeper’s 2nd Light is now dodgeable when getting hit by the initial Light attack
  • Orochi’s Top Heavy Finisher Feint to Guard Break now works against rollers
  • Highlander’s Offensive form enhanced Light attacks have been adjusted to cost 12 stamina
  • Highlander’s Light Light combo is now dodgeable on Block and on Hit when in Revenge or if the opponent is Out Of Stamina


  • Stamina cost reduction on combo moves, down from 12 to 6:
    • Shaolin’s light combo
    • Peacekeeper’s Deep Gouge
    • Warden’s light combo
    • Lawbringer’s light combo after heavy finisher
    • Orochi’s top light combo
    • Shinobi’s light combo
    • Shaman’s light combo
  • Damage reduction on a variety of attacks:
    • Jiang Jun’s heavy finishers: from 38 to 35
    • Warden’s top heavy finisher: from 44 to 37
    • Centurion’s heavy openers max charge: from 33 to 30
    • Centurions’ heavy finishers min charge: from 29 to 28
    • Centurions’ heavy finishers max charge: from 40 to 30
    • Black Prior’s full block stance unblockable heavy: from 35 to 30
    • Lawbringer’s unblockable heavy finisher: from 40 to 36
    • Lawbringer’s light combo after heavy finisher: from 6 to 3
    • Kensei’s heavy chains: from 34 to 30
    • Kensei’s top heavy finisher: from 44 to 38
    • Shinobi’s ranged heavy: from 29 to 25
    • Shugoki’s heavy openers max charge: from 38 to 35
    • Shugoki’s heavy finishers max charge: from 44 to 38
    • Highlander’s offensive stance heavies: from 37 to 35
    • Shaman’s unblockable side heavy finishers: from 41 to 36
  • Out of lock damage fixes for consistency with locked attacks:
    • Tiandi’s OOL light finishers: from 13 to 10
    • Tiandi’s OOL heavy finishers: from 35 to 32
    • Shaolin’s OOL heavy finishers: from 29 to 32
    • Nuxia’s OOL left light finisher: from 13 to 10
    • Peacekeeper’s OOL heavy openers: from 29 to 18
    • Peacekeeper’s OOL heavy finishers: from 34 to 24
    • Warden’s OOL light chains: from 15 to 14
    • Conqueror’s OOL heavy infinite chains: from 32 to 35
    • Shinobi’s OOL heavy finishers: from 32 to 25
    • Aramusha’s OOL heavy infinity chains: from 26 to 32
    • Berserker’s OOL light infinite chains: from 9 to 13
    • Berserker’s OOL light openers after feint: from 13 to 9

Source: Ubisoft

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