Solaris Offworld Combat has been delayed by a month

First Contact Entertainment has announced that it is changing the release date for its upcoming VR multiplayer shooter Solaris Offworld Combat, with the Oculus Quest date now set for September 24th. The original release date was August 27th. This date only applies to the Oculus version with the PSVR release date yet to be confirmed. The reason for the delay is due to First Contact Entertainment requiring a bit more development time. The statement is below.

“We’d like to provide a short development update for Solaris Offworld Combat. In order that the day 1 play experience meets our expectations, we have made a small adjustment to our release plan. The new release date for Solaris Offworld Combat is September 24th 2020. We look forward to sharing what we’ve been building, with all of you.”


We recently spoke to First Contact Entertainment Game Director Damoun Shabestari about Solaris Offworld Combat.

“Games are providing deeper mechanics and longevity through content updates without sequels. I believe arena shooters can come back to a popular gaming space so long as it has some social and seasonal updates attached to it. Bethesda does a great job of this with Quake Champions, and I think players enjoy what they’re doing. I really hope we see more of that.

There is a lot that is taken into consideration when it comes to how we treat player locomotion. The type of gameplay is a huge part of how we start player movement; additionally we factor in the title’s art style, lighting, animation sets, and audio. Solaris is quick and energetic where players need to take advantage of flanks and teleporter routes to take and hold the Control Point.”

You can read the full Solaris Offworld Combat interview here.

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