Batman Court of Owls game teased again, reveal at DC FanDome, secret code hidden in website

WB Games Montreal have teased their forthcoming game again, this time with a red circle, some numbers, and brief flash of a logo that show an owl. Ooh, what on earth could it be?

In case you cant be bothered to pause the video, here are the two images that briefly flash up, the first clearly has an owl in it…

The second image is much harder to make out, I’ve fiddled with it a bit to try and make it clearer but it could be anything, looks like half an orange to me.

Back in January Warner Bros Montreal decided to tease the game on social media by posting more images with the caption Capture The Knight. The same caption was used way back in September 2019 when they first started teasing the game. Yes, this is very, very long tease, perhaps the game has been held up by COVID-19 or the recent threatened sale of the company made things complicated.

Today’s tweet from WB Games Montreal directs people to a new Twitter account, @r3dakt3d – redacted, geddit? There’s also a r3dakt3d website which has the text “We have been expecting you” and the date 18th August, which is two days before DC FanDome, but the Twitter account uses the DC Fandome hashtag so we will probably get the reveal of the game officially on the 18th, and gameplay at DC FanDome.

WB Games are clearly aware that people scrape the source code for teaser websites just in case there is anything juicy,  obviously it’s the first thing I did and it contains the following message.

Welcome Back You ——— △V B3 C⟶ →5N

Decode the hexadecimal and you get: dash, dash, dash, upwards triangle, V B3 C, long rightwards pointing arrow, rightwards pointing arrow, <Private Use, First>, 5N

Dash dash dash is “O” in morse, Upwards triangle plus a V makes a W.. er.. that’s as far as I got. Can you do better? There’s also some Morse code on the tweet above.

Source: Twitter

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