Stadia Pro gets 6 more free games this September including Super Bomberman R Online and Hitman

With another month in the books, it’s Google’s chance once more to poke its Stadia service with a hefty stick of free games to go alongside it’s Stadia Pro subscription. There’s a massive total of six games joining the service, starting with the exclusive launch of Super Bomberman R Online, with Stadia set to be the only place you can play the massive multiplayer version of this classic game.

Also joining the service as an exclusive Stadia launch is indie game Gunsport, an action-packed two-on-two competitive challenge which has you taking on rival teams in a rapid-fire trick-shot competition. Besides that, Stadia owners can look forward to the arrival of Hitman, the beginning of the recent Assassination Trilogy, with the other two titles joining the service in coming months.


If that wasn’t enough, there’s also indie adventure Hello Neighbour, where you’re tasked with solving a mystery while avoiding traps and an enemy who always seems to stay one step ahead of you, the continuing availability of Embr, the firefighting early access game, and the arrival in Stadia Pro of Metro Last Light Redux, which means you can now play the entire Metro series as part of your Pro subscription.

Hitman pulls together the episodic content released in 2016, with the full game garnering an excellent 8/10 from our very own Jim. The original Super Bomberman R was a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, though it’s not the brightest star in the series, gathering up a 6/10 at the time. One of its biggest criticisms though was its place as a full price title, which isn’t something that Stadia Pro owners will have to worry about.

Leaving the service on the 31st of August are KONA, Get Packed and GRID so Stadia Pro members should grab those now to add them to their ongoing catalogue.

It’s another strong showing from Stadia Pro, with Google’s streaming service slowly gathering some momentum. The only downside these days is that the Stadia interface could do with an overhaul as more and more games being added means there’s a long strip of games to scroll through to get to everything in your catalogue.

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