A big bird has been added in Grounded’s first monthly update

After releasing into Game Preview at the end of July, Obsidian Entertainment have released the first big monthly update for their miniature survival game, Grounded.

Several additions include player perks, which can unlock small mutations for your character that can let you cut grass faster, increase health and improve defences, among other things. You can equip up to three mutations at a time, with more planned for future updates.


Builders now have more options to spruce up their base and make things feel a bit more homely. The Sprig Fence and Acorn Picket Fence help decorate outside, the Grass Table and Clover Table add a little to the interior, and once you’ve got to the end of a long and weary day, you can now build a bed in which to sleep.

You can only make a bed with the help of Big Bird, though. Wait, not Big Bird, but a big bird…. from your perspective. So really, just a regular sized bird, because you’re tiny.

If you manage to collect some feathers from the bird, you can use these to craft the aforementioned bed, as well as a new Marksman’s Cap and upgrade your bow attacks.

And finally, there’s new quest types that will be handed out by BURG.L, hopefully giving people a reason to stick around and play for a little bit longer.

We ran through the initial content offered in the July release, Dom writing in our preview:

“Despite Grounded being in Game Preview, it feels agreeably solid and fully formed, at least in terms of the mechanics at play. The narrative setup is intriguing, and told with a wry sense of humour that should win over even the most hardened of hearts. Thanks to its launch on Game Pass as well, this is one mini adventure with a huge amount of potential.”

Grounded is out now in Game Preview for Xbox One and PC, and a part of Xbox Game Pass.

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