Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Grounded and Sea of Thieves are coming to PS5

Microsoft has confirmed that Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Grounded and Sea of Thieves are all coming to PlayStation 5 (and some to PS4), as part of the planned release of four Xbox exclusives on rival console platforms. Earlier today it was also announced that Pentiment and Grounded are coming to Nintendo Switch.

Here’s what’s coming out and when:

  • Pentiment is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch on 22nd February
  • Hi-Fi Rush, is coming to PlayStation 5 on 19th March
  • Grounded is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch on 16th April – full cross-play is supported to Xbox and PC
  • Sea of Thieves is coming to PlayStation 5 on 30th April – with cross-play to Xbox and PC

This all matches the expectations from last week’s business update in which the games were teased as being a pair of community driven games and two smaller titles that were “never really meant to be platform exclusive.”

Hi-Fi Rush was out Xbox Game of the Year winner last year, a surprise release last January with rhythm in its fun take on the brawler. Dom said it’s “an utterly beguiling new take on rhythm-action, combining some of this generation’s most impressive visuals with music and mayhem.”

While Hi-Fi Rush had been expected for Nintendo Switch as well, from leaked in-game cosmetics, that’s apparently not the case.

In our Pentiment review, Steve said, “While an interest in the historical setting would obviously add to the experience, the writing alone is good enough to draw any fans of adventure games in and there are so many superb details that really show the depth of the developer’s engagement with their influences. If the past is a foreign country, then grab your passports and get ready to be illuminated.”

Meanwhile, Grounded is a bit like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, but a co-op survival game where you build a base, explore the surrounding oversized garden, and defend yourselves from angry bugs, all while trying to find out how and why you got shrunk!

And Sea of Thieves has grown massively from its original launch. This PvPvE open seas piratical adventure now comes with story beats to match the potential mayhem and mischief of the turbulent waters.

Source: Xbox Wire

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