Deathground is a co-op survival game filled with hungry AI dinosaurs

A ‘first playable’ demo of Deathground was shown at Gamescom 2020 tonight, giving us a small teaser of the co-op survival horror that pits you and your friends against AI dinosaurs that think you look like a tasty snack.


The game is currently in development for PC by Jaw Drop Games – it can be wishlisted on Steam – the demo showing off just a snippet of what you can really expect in the eventual full release. The AI dinos are designed to be unpredictable, forcing you to work together, using Aliens-style motion trackers to keep tabs and avoid them while hacking PCs, flipping power switches and working your way through the environments.

It all feels a bit like the recent Predator: Hunting Grounds game, and all the asymmetrical multiplayer games that went before it… but without having a human player in control of the dinosaurs.

We look forward to seeing more of this particular dino crisis soon.

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