Send telegrams with your butt as a Kiwi bird in KeyWe

Yes, I am writing this just because I wanted to get that headline on TheSixthAxis, but hey, little things like that make me happy and I get to talk about a game you probably have not heard of.

KeyWe is post office based puzzler featuring cooperative Kiwi birds called Jeff and Deborah who must jump, flap, peck and butt slam their way around the postal office to get the mail out on time. The other citizens of Bungalow Basin will stop by the office to drop off letters which must redirected to the correct location. You might be sending telegrams by typing with your butt, or sorting parcels, and each level is a day in the calendar, so as the season changes the tasks change.


Bungalow Basin is a “rugged place” and Jeff and Deborah will have to deal with monsoons, sandstorms, and blizzards (a bit odd given that they are in a jungle, but whatever), along with “paranormal activity” and clogged toilets.

As you might expect you can dress the two Kiwi birds in a variety of outfits including headgear and backpacks. The game has a single player mode and co-op is available both locally and online.

KeyWe is heading to PC in 2021 via Sold Out Games, you can check out a new gameplay video from Gamescom 2020 here.

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