UFC 4 update 2.03 patch notes, read them here

Ah, nothing says Wednesday morning than coffee, a bacon roll, and some fresh patch notes straight out the oven. Full of vitamins and fibre these patch notes will keep you going until lunch time, and just 150 calories as well!

UFC 4 Patch Notes 2.03

  • Added ability for the Sub Fighter to trigger an immediate escape after denying the Backpack transition.
  • Added Stamina tax to attack for Low Single Takedown denial.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stamina drain on Headlock denials.
  • Removed Headlock stamina drain from the submissions entry animation.
  • Tuned stamina and damage on the Back Drop takedown.
  • Reduced rate of Stamina Recovery during Ground and Pound.
  • Fixed an issue where escaping choke submissions drained too much stamina.
  • Fixed various issues with Ground and Pound defense against flurries.
  • Fixing an issue with blocking after beeing hit, during Ground and Pound.
  • Fixed an issue with damage received after posting strikes in Ground and Pound.
  • Removed Haptic Feedback from Online modes
  • Fixed an issue causing takedown feints to count in stats
  • Greatly reduced the rate of the purple screen bug

The patch weighs in at around 500mb depending on your platform and is out now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


The game scored an impressive 9/10 in our review, “UFC 4 is an evolution over UFC 3. A much better and more cohesive online, a better system for advancing your created fighters, a career mode that has a bit more depth, and gameplay that opens up the series to more people, makes UFC 4 the game that UFC 3 should have been,” said Aran.

If you are looking for the Trophy list from the game then we have you covered, you can find that here. At a glance, there seems to be a abundance of silvers up for grabs here mainly tied to the singleplayer Career mode. There are some gameplay specific bronze trophies in there as well as a couple of achievements tied to online play.

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